Occupational Health Services have teamed up with leading experts to help you assess and improve your sleep without the need of pills or potions.

What's your sleep score?

Employees are invited to complete an online assessment of their sleep patterns which will provide a sleep score. You will then receive a tailored report based on this score designed by Professor Colin Espie, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience, including techniques designed to promote better sleep.




Additional support and advice can be accessed for free by signing up for Sleepio, Professor Espie’s scientifically proven sleep improvement programme, for free.



How does Sleepio work?

Sleepio teaches proven techniques to help people overcome even long term poor sleep problems.

In a gold-standard clinical trial, Sleepio was found to help people with poor sleep:

  • get to sleep 54% faster
  • reduce awakenings during the night by 62%
  • boost daytime energy and concentration by 58%
  • 87% of Sleepio users said that they would recommend the programme to a friend

What does Sleepio involve?

Once a week, you’ll meet with your virtual sleep expert. 'The Prof' will review your progress and give you a personalised 20-minute session. In between sessions you will get powerful tools to help you put those sleep-improving techniques into practice including a daily Sleep Diary to help you measure your progress, an online community to support you which includes live Q&A chats led by Sleepio experts.

You can access Sleepio online on your computer or tablet, and once you’ve signed up, via the Sleepio iPhone app.

Discover your sleep score and how to improve it


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