Ill-health retirement assessment

If a member of staff's health deteriorates so that they are permanently unable to do their job, and they are a member of a relevant pension scheme, they may apply for an ill-health early retirement. If they are eligible, and this is agreed, their pension benefits may be paid early. Ill-health early retirement benefits may include a lump sum payment and, for eligible scheme members, a pension.

To get more information:

  • Contact the Pensions team to find out what ill-health early retirement benefits are available under the various sections of Oxford Staff Pension Scheme ( OSPS)
  • For advice on managing ill-health departments you should contact their HR Business Partner
  • Retirement options for University support staff

Colleges may have their own pension schemes, so contact your HR advisor to discuss this.

Why will I need to be assessed in Occupational Health?

Your pension scheme will have medical criteria that you will need to demonstrate that you meet, to obtain your pension on Ill health grounds.

Occupational Health will need to understand which pension scheme you are under and the medical criteria set in that policy, in order to assess you against this.

Usually the paper work will be completed by the pensions office and sent, with your consent, to Occupational Heath.

We will then arrange a face to face appointment with you to be assessed by one of our Occupational Health Doctors. There are occasions where upon the individual is not able to physically attend the department. In those cases we may be able to undertake a phone consultation.

We may need to gather information from your GP and or other hospital specialist, with your medical consent  - however, we will explain the process to you in more detail during your appointment.

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