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The Travel Clinic of the University Occupational Health Service provides travel advice, immunisations, and antimalarial prophylaxis to University employees, and specified Non-Employee Eligible Groups travelling on University business.

The reasons for University Business travel may include undertaking research abroad, attending conferences or going on field trips.

The travel service is chargeable to either the individual or the department dependent on circumstances. The Travel Nurse specialist will guide you further in regards to this.

Non-Employee Eligible Groups

  • Medical students: may attend the Travel Clinic for certain placements abroad. You are required to see the Travel Health Physician before travelling. Please make space in the midst of your placements and studies to attend appointments in time to complete courses of vaccines or paperwork
  • Masters' students: your eligibility depends on the content of your course. You are welcome to attend the Travel Clinic but it may be necessary for you to pay for the necessary consultation, vaccinations and/or antimalarials
  • DPhil students: you are welcome to attend the Travel Clinic. We will need to confirm your status as an employee or any arrangement with your department, otherwise you may need to pay any costs for consultation, vaccinations and/or antimalarials
  • Expeditions: at present, the Expeditions Council requires all official Oxford University expeditions to complete certain medical requirements prior to departure. This includes the appointment of one expedition member as Medical Officer who then attends the University Travel Clinic for advice on immunisations and antimalarials. Please note, the University Travel Clinic is only able to give advice to the Medical Officer, and is unable to administer vaccines or antimalarials for expeditions, or see other team members. The Medical Officer then shares the Travel Clinic recommendation with individual members of the expedition who then attend either their own GP or another travel clinic provider for the necessary consultation, vaccinations and prescriptions for antimalarials.

It is extremely important that you contact the Occupational Health department to advise them of pending travel several weeks in advance of your travel date so as ensure enough time for appointments and vaccinations programmes to be carried out where applicable.

Booking an appointment

You will need to complete the relevant travel health form and send this to Occupational Health. OHS will assess your trip, based on the information provided, and offer an appointment and/or advice if required. As part of this assessment, OHS will look at the activities you will be undertaking and the potential health implications of them on your trip.


Individuals or departments will be invoiced for services provided to either employees or those who fall within one of the Non-Employee Eligible Groups travelling on University business. Prices have been set to be competitive, as well as more convenient, with GP and independent travel clinics. For information about the associated costs, please see Travel Clinic costs.

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