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Occupational Health is a specialised clinical discipline concerned with the relationship between health and work. We work with both the employer and employee to minimise the effect work can have on the health of the employee, whilst trying to ensure that the health of the employee does not adversely affect the work they are employed to do.

One of the roles of Occupational Health is to advise about fitness for work. The aim is to ensure that the activities that you carry out at work and the environment in which you work will not adversely affect health. We also recommend workplace adjustments that could be considered to assist you in overcoming any health challenges that may be affecting you in the workplace.

Referral to Occupational Health for advice will generally be for one of the following reasons:

  • At the recruitment stage to ensure that you are fit for work and identify any recommended workplace adjustments to be considered
  • If you have been absent from work due to illness for a period of time
  • If you have several shorter absences due to ill-health
  • If there are concerns about your fitness whilst you are at work
  • You have had an accident or incident resulting in sick leave
  • You have other health issues affecting your attendance, performance or behaviour at work that causes concern

Referrals can either be made by management or HR Business Partners in conjunction with the employee, or an employee may refer themself for Occupational Health advice and guidance. Details about Management Referrals and Self-Referrals can be found in the links below.

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