Research passports

A Research Passport is a system for enabling researchers who have no employment contract with a particular NHS trust to gain access to conduct research within that and other NHS organisations.

The Research Passport system provides a mechanism for NHS organisations to be assured that the appropriate pre-engagement checks have been carried out on persons wanting access to the NHS trust to conduct research.

This system standardises procedures for handling honorary research contracts and letters of access for researchers.

How do I obtain a research passport?

The UAS personnel web page will provide you with the information you need to apply for a research passport.

What checks do I need from Occupational Health for my research passport application?

  1. Complete the Research Passport health questionnaire
  2. Email the form back to Occupational Health with the corresponding documentation requested in the form, to the following email address: Occupational Health Enquiries

  3. Occupational Health will send you an appointment to attend where upon we can go through your forms and review your immunisation status and take any necessary bloods that are required

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