Post Graduate Certificate of Education students

Following a conditional offer of a place on the University of Oxfords PGCE course, it is a requirement that before commencing your Post Graduate training, the University Of Oxford Occupational Health Department is required to assess your current health status and advise upon your medical suitability of fitness to fulfil the requirements of teaching as defined by the Department for Education (DfE).

The University of Oxford is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for students with impairments and health conditions. The Faculty of Education will provide all reasonable support to enable students with impairments and health conditions to complete the course. The school will give consideration as to the location of your placement school and any other reasonable adjustments you may require to give you the best opportunities whilst on the course.

We would encourage you to contact the PGCE course Academic Administrator Jane Stephenson, on 01865 274179 to discuss any disability or health condition you may have as soon as possible.

Information and support for students with disabilities can be accessed from the University of Oxford Disability Advisory Service.

All PGCE students are required to complete a confidential PGCE Health Assessment Questionnaire. This Questionnaire will be sent to you from the Facility of Education upon offer of a place to study.

The questionnaire is designed to obtain an over view of the following condition categories: general health, mental health and wellbeing, Neurological conditions, Immune system conditions, Musculoskeletal conditions and Sensory impairment difficulties.

Where it has been identified that the student’s health condition or impairment may have an impact on their functional ability to carry out their training, Occupational Health may need to contact you to obtain further medical information.

Medical and personal information disclosed to the Health Questionnaire will be held “in confidence” by Occupational Health and in line with the medical standards for confidentiality set by the relevant medical registration bodies i.e. the General medical Council, Nursing and Midwifery GMC, and GDPR (please see detail regarding confidentiality and storage of records form at the end of the form).

In order to support you with a long term condition or disability, whilst undertaking your course, we may need to share information with a small number of ‘need-to-know people’ such as your course tutors and those working closely with you in school. However this information will NOT be disclosed without your full knowledge and only with your medical consent to do so.

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