Vaccination service

Occupational Health provides a number of vaccination programmes. The arrangements for enrolment vary according to the programme.

Work where vaccination may be required

Risk assessments for the following work should consider the need for vaccination:

  • culturing or handling of human pathogens or purified biological toxins
  • handling, processing  or exposure to human blood, serum or tissue specimens
  • contact with patients or work in clinical areas of hospitals
  • working with certain animal groups
  • working with solderflux
  • working with soil
  • travel on University Business to certain areas of the world

When might I receive a vaccination?

Occupational Health is responsible for assessing the immunity and the need for vaccination of staff and eligible students in the following circumstances:

  • the work undertaken to fulfil job/study requirements
  • to meet the requirements of an NHS Trust for award of a Research Passport to obtain immunisation clearance for contact with patients or to work in clinical areas
  • to meet health and safety requirements of another organisation visited in connection with work or study commitments

Occupational Health does not  provide vaccinations for:

  • leisure or sporting activities
  • holiday travel
  • personal health reasons incidental to work, eg annual influenza vaccination of vulnerable individuals

How do I register with Occupational Health for a vaccination?

Occupational Health need to understand what activity you are undertaking in your role in order to assess your immunisation status and offer you the appropriate vaccination, where indicated.

There are 4 ways to register with Occupational Health:

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